The program seeks to help university scholars in application of education and career exploration, gaining experience and increasing marketability, networking, increasing professionalism, building your resume and improving of their communication skills. Therefore, it is suitable for those who seek professional experience in issues related to the promotion of better quality of life for un privileged communities in Uganda.

Interns will be guided and monitored by WDF professionals in their activities, take part in meetings and engage in relevant projects of the organization. Therefore, an internship in this organization will be a valuable asset to your curriculum and a great distinctive feature in future selection processes, since you will have the opportunity to know and experience the work dynamics, internal policies and routine of the organization.

Please note: WDF through the Maisha Mzuri Program gives out opportunities to university scholars that pursue courses in line with the organization’s areas of operation which include; Social science and development, Business Management Courses and Information Technology courses.

What To Expect

You can work simultaneously on different projects that will not only provide beneficial aid and services to your community but also gain new insight into your adopted country and culture.
You’ll meet new people, learn about a new culture, live in a new environment, and provide meaningful support to those that need it most.
Closely collaborate with diverse professionals from many different countries and backgrounds who all share the same goal of "Empowering communities with knowledge and skills for sustainable development".
As you gain valuable learning experience, your work helps us in meeting our objective of providing solutions to the most urgent needs and problems in the community via our programs that have a positive impact.

What We Will Provide

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