Maisha Mzuri Meaning "Enriching Lives" is a Program designed by WDF with much interest of empowering young scholars and Holiday makers with onsite and virtual trainings/engagements so as to boost their hands on experience

The programs include:

  • Virtual placement internships and engagement
  • On-site hands on trainings and engagements
  • Volunteering engagements
  • Global change makers
  • Mentorship
  • Research

Don’t be stranded at the back when Maisha Mzuri IV program is here for you. Are you passionate about training on-line or on-site training is it volunteering, mentorship engagements or improving your research skills?

Maisha Mzuri IV program is the way to go.

Training with us brings a world of rewards that you may have never expected. With remarkable benefits ranging from meeting new people from diverse cultural backgrounds, boosting your social skills, growing personally and professionally and becoming open-minded! Join WDF in the Maisha Mzuri Program, where we give an equal opportunity to youth around the world, give yourself that rewarding feeling expecting nothing in return with the Maisha Mzuri Program.

At WDF we have a variety of opportunities to help you diversify your career as well as making your dreams a reality through the Maisha Mzuri series like mentorship sessions, Exploring agricultural experience TODO: CHECK IF THIS SENTENCE COMPLETED