Maisha Mzuri program welcomes all teenagers under high school that are passionate about community development to apply and take part in making a sustainable impact in the unprivileged communities.


Applicants should be:

  • Ready to interact and communicate with the community members.
  • Passionate about community development so as to make your experience more rewarding.
  • Willing to take a leadership role which is a great time for teenagers.
  • Willing to move from community to community in trainings, sensitizing and giving back times to the community.

What To Expect

Growing and solidifying of your faith, perspective on the world, and increased desire to always make a difference for other people.
More likely to be remembered in case a long time engagement (6 months) which makes it easier when providing a reference for you.
Improved individual traits like bravery and compassion.
The experience with us will help you come out of your shell.
Improved public speaking skills and social skills.

What We Will Provide

  • A certificate of participation
  • Recognize you as a part of the Change makers
  • You stand a chance to be a part of our Trustees Board!

Become Part

Apply Now

Please note: Volunteering is not only for teenagers. WDF gives equal opportunities.