Safety is Our First Priority

The specific risks identified in our program risk assessments vary from program to program, but typically include risks relating to:

  • Accomodation
  • Transport
  • Emergencies and serious incidents
  • Participant illness and physical harm
  • Assault and theft
  • Alcohol and illegal substances
  • Disease risks ie. COVID-19

The Times They Are a-Changin'

While, in this changing world, WDF cannot guarantee the absolute safety of any program participant BUT will educate you about potential risks abroad during pre-departure, upon arrival in Orientation, and at intervals during your study program, so you can make informed choices about your personal safety.
We specifically request all participants in keeping themselves safe by:

Maintaining a working cell phone where staff in charge may reach you in case of any domestic or international emergency and Sharing your independent travel plans to know your whereabouts in case of an emergency.

Sending you an Arrival Card, via email, two weeks before your program’s start date, with all the emergency contact information for WDF staff members in the country. During the on-site orientation, we advise you to often check your email and WhatsApp for updates in the case of events in the country such as civil demonstrations, strikes, or an emergency.

Providing you with an on-site arrival orientation session. This will include health information, theft prevention, general safety precautions, useful contacts specific to your host location (staff members and police stations, for example) and instructions on how to report incidents.

Helping with student registration at the local embassy or consulate to ensure complete protection of foreign citizens.

Informing you about the stages of cultural adaptation and what to expect as you transition to life abroad, including available support resources.

24/7 access to on-site staff who can provide assistance should an emergency arise in your host city or while you’re travelling in the region, including medical evacuation if needed through your insurance.

We ensure communication with your listed Emergency Contact (we encourage parents to talk to you about designating them as your Emergency Contact)

Personal Liability

As you engage in internship and volunteer experiences, WDF provides personal liability insurance to protect you in the event of accidental damages; for example, damage to office equipment at the workplace.

You’ll have access to a site-specific, 24/7 emergency phone answered by on-site WDF staff, who can assist you with emergency concerns in the country, health care, translation services, accommodations, and stay informed about local conditions.

Safety Procedures

Get advice locally about areas of risk and security concerns.

Know who to contact in case of an emergency. Make sure you know the numbers for emergency services of WDF in the country.

Avoid protests and demonstrations, and do not take photographs of sensitive buildings or security personnel.

Stay alert at all times and take extra measures to protect your personal security. You should always take sensible precautions to protect yourself and your belongings.

Follow the following procedures: